Why the Hamilton Gazette exists – Editorial no. 1

AHThere is an old adage that says that knowledge is power. If this is so, then we – individually and collectively – will become more powerful, the more knowledgeable we are. Unfortunately, we live in a world full of uninspiring media who deliberately misinform, misrepresent facts and appeal to the lowest denominator.

The Hamilton Gazette is different. We believe in our readers, in their intelligence and their thirst for knowledge. Therefore we will provide inspiring articles in a long read format, with a consistent and unrelenting focus on getting the facts straight as well as being insightful and entertaining.

Our articles will be focused on the most interesting projects and developments in science and technology as well as their implications. In addition to that we will also write about some of the most inspiring figures from past and present. Sometimes these two will coincide, and sometimes they won’t.

I want to end this first editorial by taking the time to explain why we have named this media the Hamilton Gazette. We have chosen to name it so, because we are hugely inspired by the founding father Alexander Hamilton, and especially the way he embodies the power of the written word. As he did, it is our hope that we will inspire, entertain and enlighten our audience, and by doing so, do good through our words.

I hope you enjoy our articles here at the Hamilton Gazette, now and in the future.

Nick Kastrup
Editor in chief
The Hamilton Gazette

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